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Please join me in Bardstown, Kentucky, for Kentucky Music Week 2013. Here's what I'm teaching:

Session 1 - B/I - Progressive Sight-Reading Exercises

For anyone having trouble reading tab, we’ll start with extremely simple music and slowly progress through different rhythms, keys, time signatures, styles, and techniques. You won’t learn tunes, you’ll be learning to sight read.

Session 2 - I/A-A - Composing Instrumental Tunes

As we work on a number of group compositions, Steve will share with you step-by-step tried and true methods that composers and tune smiths use to create, tweak, and share original music.

Session 3 - B/I-I - Learn How to Read Hands

Learn in a “do-as-I-do” style and take a break from tab. You don’t need a great ear. Steve will train you to read his hands just like some people read music. Expect two to three tunes a day. All new material from previous years.

Session 4 - I - Kentucky Fiddle Tunes

In 1915, a Berea College English professor asked his students to write down names of fiddle tunes from their home districts of Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee. Each day we’ll work through one or two of the more interesting pieces mentioned in these lists.

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